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Business Help & Services

Business Support Services

Broome CRC is a great place for small- and micro-business owners to carry out their office functions and network with other operators. We can provide some secretarial services and admin assistance.

Self-Employment Assistance (SEA)*

Workforce Australia’s Self-Employment Assistance program provides support to people interested in starting their own business or who need help to refocus an existing micro-business. SEA is a business assistance program with Federal Government funding to help people who are unemployed, on JobSeeker or welfare payments start and run small businesses, complete with training, mentoring and support.


We provide facilities and mentoring for SEA participants to help you on your business journey, in partnership with WA regional SEA provider, Business Foundations.


If you are eligible, you will be supported while you start or restart your business, and may receive income support and rental assistance while you train and grow.

For more information, come in and see us, talk to your Workforce Australia provider, or visit  


* The Self-Employment Assistance program replaced NEIS, or New Enterprise Incentive Scheme

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